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Scotland is a modern and progressive country where the requirements of commerce, industry and infrastructure are balanced with the need to protect and enhance a diverse natural heritage. By promoting and investing in green travel initiatives, Transport Scotland is advancing our nation’s economy and wellbeing.

Sustainable transport

We are working to increase the use of low carbon vehicles in Scotland as well as encouraging more people to cycle and use public transport.

Climate change and carbon management

Scotland’s transport network must aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions wherever practicable from our operations, projects and maintenance activities.


Transport Scotland use the Civil Engineering Environment Quality Assessment and Award Scheme (CEEQUAL) on a number of our transport infrastructure projects.

Active Travel Task Force

Aims to look at tackling the local barriers to the delivery of ambitious cycling and walking projects in Scotland

Carbon reduction on roads

The Scottish Government aims to reduce carbon emissions from road transport sector

Landscape and biodiversity

The protection and enhancement of the natural environment is an important aspect of all transport projects.

Air quality

Transport Scotland aims to minimise environmental impacts by measuring, monitoring and managing transport impacts on air quality.

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