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A83 improvements

The A83 is seen as the gateway to Argyll, linking the Ferry port at Kennacraig to central Scotland via the A82. The route links the towns of Tarbet, Inveraray, Furnace, Lochgilphead, Tarbert, Kennacraig and Campbeltown.

Under Construction

Following the recommendations of the A83 Route Study, undertaken by Jacobs, Transport Scotland has developed a programme of progression for improvement works, targeting a number of issues along the route.

£6 million will be invested in taking forward these improvements in the 2014/2015 financial year, this builds on the £4 million invested in 2013/14.

This programme will focus on taking these schemes to the next stage of the process.

A key element is the Red Option – the measures being taken to reduce the risk of landslide debris reaching the A83 trunk road and to reduce the frequency and duration of closures at the Rest and Be Thankful.


The objectives of the A83 Route Study and programme were to:

  • Reduce accident rates and severity on the A83
  • Improve pedestrian and cycling amenities in the settlements along the A83
  • Improve journey time reliability by reducing the frequency and impact of road closures
  • Reduce the economic impact on the A83 Study area by reducing the frequency and duration of road closures caused by landslides

About the programme

The A83 improvements programme may vary throughout the year due to unforeseen circumstances for example weather or emergency events, but we will update the programme to reflect any changes as they occur.

A83 Rest and Be Thankful

The A83 trunk road at the Rest and Be Thankful is an area prone to risk from landslides. Transport Scotland is investing to reduce the risk of impact of landslides on the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful.

A83 Local Diversion Route

Three of the six previous events since 2007 have closed the A83 Trunk road at the rest and be thankful leading to the road being closed for a total of thirty four days due to debris landing on the trunk road and subsequent concerns of further failures.

The Red Option and landslide mitigation

Transport Scotland has been working on developing a programme of further mitigation works as part of the ‘Red Option' at the Rest and Be Thankful. £4 million has been invested in taking forward these improvements as well as moving forward the recommendations from the Part B report in the 2013/2014 financial year.

A83 Kennacraig and Campbeltown Trunking

During the 2013 series of Summer Cabinets meeting, First Minister announced on 28 August that the A83 between Campbeltown-Kennacraig would be trunked.

A83 Other Known Landslide Areas

The A83 Route Study investigated the whole of the A83 for possible landslide risk area. Other looks were located at Glen Kinglas, Loch Shira, and Cairndow. Read information on the assessment of these area and progress of work.

A83 Minor Improvement Schemes

The A83 Route Study Part B Report recommended a series of improvement schemes along the A83. Find out about our work on recommendations for Strone Point, Erines, Dunderave and Barmore Road, Tarbert.

A83 Pedestrian assessment

The A83 Route Study Part B highlighted possible pedestrian measures at several localities on the A83 - Ardrishaig, Tarbert and Inveraray. Read information on the assessment of pedestrian facilities and particularly pedestrian crossings.

A83 taskforce

The taskforce was set up in August 2012. Find out more information about the taskforce including minutes and newsletters.

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