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  • Blue Badge Scheme Equality Impact Assessment

    Mon 08/Feb/2016

    The Scottish Government undertook an EQIA as part of the process to develop policy on extending eligibility, via an application to the local authority, to people who have cognitive impairments who have no awareness of danger from traffic and are likely to compromise their safety, or the safety of others as result.

  • Road Asset Management Plan for Scottish Trunk Roads, January 2016

    Mon 25/Jan/2016
    ISBN 978 1 909948 59 4
  • National Transport Strategy (NTS)

    Thu 21/Jan/2016

    In late April 2015 Derek McKay MSP, Minister for Transport and the Islands, announced a refresh of Scotland’s NTS, in partnership with CoSLA. This publication represents the result of the refresh exercise and supersedes the previous NTS, dated 2006. It recommends a fuller review of the NTS in the next Scottish Parliamentary term. 

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