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  • Annual Review 2015 - Supplementary Edition

    Thu 12/May/2016

    This 2015 supplementary edition reports on some of our headline achievements over what was a historical year in transport

  • Strategic Road Safety Plan 2016

    Wed 23/Mar/2016

    The Strategic Road Safety Plan sets out how Transport Scotland delivers road safety on the trunk road network. The first Strategic Road Safety Plan was published in 2007 and supported delivery of the Road Safety Framework. The current Framework has reached the mid-point of its 10 year period and has been reviewed in its own right. We have taken the opportunity to update the Road Safety Plan and to refocus our work on further reducing the numbers of accidents and casualties on the Trunk Road network.

  • Delivering the goods - Scotland's rail freight strategy

    Tue 22/Mar/2016

    The rail freight sector is vital to the competitiveness of the Scottish economy and the Scottish Government’s vision is for a competitive, sustainable rail freight sector playing an increasing role in Scotland’s economic growth by providing a safer, greener and more efficient way of transporting products and materials. Delivering the Goods – Scotland’s Rail Freight Strategy sets out how the Scottish Government will work in partnership with the rail freight industry and others to realise the vision through the four core levers of innovation, facilitation, promotion and investment

  • High Speed Scotland Summary Report

    Mon 21/Mar/2016

    The appraisal of a high speed rail connection between Glasgow and Edinburgh was presented to ministers as initial advice on 8 May 2014. It has subsequently been updated to take account, as intended, of the findings of the Broad options for upgraded and high speed railways to the North of England and Scotland study undertaken by HS2 Ltd.

  • STAG Technical Database

    Thu 17/Mar/2016
    STAG Technical Database

    STAG Technical Database


    The sections are also available in pdf format

  • Guidance on the development of Business Cases - March 2016

    Thu 17/Mar/2016
    Guidance on the development of Business Cases - March 2016

    ISBN 978 1 909948 62 4

    This document is also available in pdf format (386k)


    1 Background

    2 The Business Case Development Process

  • Departures from Standard - Advice and Procedures Guide

    Tue 15/Mar/2016

    The purpose of the newly refreshed Transport Scotland Departures from Standard Advice and Procedures Guide is to provide interested parties who are seeking Transport Scotland Standards Branch consideration of a Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) or Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works (MCHW) Departure from Standard that affects the Scottish trunk road or motorway network, with the necessary guidance to apply for departures from the standards. 

  • Trunk Road and Motorway Tourist Signposting Guidance

    Tue 15/Mar/2016

    The Trunk Road and Motorway Tourist Signposting Guidance document provides guidance to Scottish tourism businesses to establish if their business is eligible for tourist destination signs and to understand the process of applying to have signs erected on the Trunk Road and Motorway Network.

  • Bus Service Registration Procedures - Developing best practice guidance

    Mon 14/Mar/2016

    This report sets out the research we have undertaken and its findings, before going on to describe what constitutes ‘good practice guidance’

  • What is the economic contribution of rail in Scotland?

    Mon 14/Mar/2016

    The rail sector has an important role in providing employment and ensuring long-term benefits to the Scottish economy. This report quantifies this whole-industry impact for the first time.

  • Consultation on seatbelt requirements for dedicated school transport

    Fri 11/Mar/2016

    This consultation aims to solicit the views of people and stakeholders with an interest in the area of dedicated/contracted school transport, particularly those in local authorities responsible for education or transportation, bus companies, those involved in education, schools, parenting groups or parents themselves. This will help inform and shape any legislation that may be brought forward in this area by a future Scottish Government. This is specifically on proposals for seatbelts to become a legal requirement within councils’ dedicated school bus contracts, which the Scottish Parliament has newly-devolved powers to take forward, rather than views or representations on the wider issue of school transport provision or safety in general.

  • Road Safety Framework Annual Report 2015

    Thu 10/Mar/2016

    ISBN 978 1 909948 71 6

    This document is also available in pdf format (4.1MB)




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