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  • Blue Badge Scheme Equality Impact Assessment

    Mon 08/Feb/2016

    The Scottish Government undertook an EQIA as part of the process to develop policy on extending eligibility, via an application to the local authority, to people who have cognitive impairments who have no awareness of danger from traffic and are likely to compromise their safety, or the safety of others as result.

  • Road Asset Management Plan for Scottish Trunk Roads, January 2016

    Mon 25/Jan/2016
    ISBN 978 1 909948 59 4
  • National Transport Strategy (NTS)

    Thu 21/Jan/2016

    In late April 2015 Derek McKay MSP, Minister for Transport and the Islands, announced a refresh of Scotland’s NTS, in partnership with CoSLA. This publication represents the result of the refresh exercise and supersedes the previous NTS, dated 2006. It recommends a fuller review of the NTS in the next Scottish Parliamentary term. 

  • Guidance on the development of business cases

    Fri 08/Jan/2016

    This paper provides guidance on the business case process within Transport Scotland as a scheme moves from Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG )1 assessment to delivery


  • Carbon Account for Transport

    Thu 17/Dec/2015
  • STAG Technical Database

    Tue 17/Nov/2015

    STAG Technical Database


    The sections are also available in pdf format

  • Transport Scotland 2015 People Survey Report

    Mon 16/Nov/2015

    Civil Service People Survey 2015

  • Review of the office and functions of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner

    Mon 02/Nov/2015

    Derek McKay, Minister for Transport and the Islands, recently announced an independent review of the Office and functions of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner, with recommendations to be made to the Scottish Ministers by end March 2016

  • Transport Scotland Electronic Purchasing Cards Expenditure £500 and Above Disclosures for the Financial Years 2013-14 And 2014-15

    Thu 22/Oct/2015

    Transport Scotland currently review details of items of expenditure over £25,000 prior to publication on a monthly basis. However, in order to maintain consistency with core Scottish Government, and to comply with instructions from the Cabinet Secretary, the Agency has extended this exercise to include details, on an annual basis, of all Agency Electronic Purchasing transactions (formerly termed General Procurement transactions) with a value of £500 and above. In addition, the same information will be published retrospectively for the previous financial year.

  • Rail freight strategy refresh

    Thu 22/Oct/2015

    Transport Scotland is consulting on a range of issues towards the development of a high level strategy on rail freight in Scotland.

  • Disclosures for the financial years 2013-14 and 2014-15

    Wed 07/Oct/2015

    Part 3 of the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 imposes a duty on the Scottish Government and listed public bodies to publish information as soon as is reasonably practicable after the end of each financial year. This is intended to promote greater openness and transparency and should include a statement of any expenditure incurred during that financial year

  • Transport Scotland Annual Report and Accounts 2014-15

    Fri 02/Oct/2015

    Transport Scotland's Annual Report and Accounts for the year 2014-15


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