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About the project

The appointment of Aberdeen Roads Limited, in December 2014, to construct the AWPR/B-T followed one of the shortest procurement processes for a contract of this size and complexity. It took just 23 months to reach financial close.


A timeline covering the project’s development:

Need for the project

Aberdeen lies at the intersection of several major roads, including the A90 and A96 trunk roads. The resulting traffic travels through Aberdeen, making journeys more difficult and time consuming. 

The existing Balmedie to Tipperty road is a bottleneck. The single carriageway, which carries some 22,000 vehicles per day, is heavily affected by peak travel flow during the morning commute.

The AWPR/B-T will consist mainly of a new two-lane dual carriageway in each direction. Three lanes will operate for a short section between the North Kingswells and Craibstone Junctions and between Charleston and the next junction to the south at Findon on the existing A90.

The AWPR combines a bypass for long-distance traffic while facilitating peripheral movement for shorter journeys, therefore removing traffic from both the city areas and unsuitable rural and urban local roads.

The B-T section will provide a continuous dual carriageway between Aberdeen and Ellon, which will remove the bottleneck caused by the existing single carriageway.

The new road will include:

  • 58 km of new road
  • 40 kilometres of new side roads
  • 30 kilometres of access tracks
  • 12 junctions 
  • 2 river crossings at the River Dee and River Don
  • a bridge over the Aberdeen to Inverness Railway
  • 4 major pipeline crossings 
  • 3 wildlife bridges, and
  • more than 100 other structures.
Project costs and funding

Financial close was reached on Scotland’s largest NPD contract to date on 12 December 2014. The contract to design, build, finance and operate the AWPR/B-T was awarded to Aberdeen Roads Limited, previously known as Connect Roads.  

While the overall estimated project costs remained at £745 million, the contract value, which is around £530 million in net present value terms, is almost £240 million less than the pre-tender estimate. 

The key partners for the project are:

Transport Scotland: Transport Scotland (TS) is contributing 81% of the costs for the northern and southern legs of the AWPR and 100% of the entire B-T and Fastlink sections. It is also funding 100% of the maintenance costs.
Aberdeen City Council: Aberdeen City Council (ACC) is contributing 9.5% of the costs for the northern and southern legs. Its funding contribution has been capped by Scottish Government at £75m. ACC is also managing the delivery of the project as Managing Agent.
Aberdeenshire Council: Aberdeenshire Council (AC) is contributing 9.5% of the costs for the northern and southern legs. Its funding contribution has also been capped by Scottish Government at £75m. AC is committed to working alongside ACC and TS during the construction of the AWPR / B-T.
Scottish Futures Trust: The AWPR / B-T was procured through Scottish Futures Trust’s (SFT’s) Non-Profit Distributing (NPD) model. This helps to deliver value for money for the taxpayer. As with all NPD  projects, SFT provides support and implements strategic reviews at key stages. 

The main construction works are underway


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