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Community engagement

Engaging with local communities and businesses is at the heart of Transport Scotland’s major infrastructure projects and will continue to be a vital part of the AWPR/B-T Project.

Prince’s Trust and AWPR/B-T contractor hold celebration event

Group who completed 'Get into Civil Engineering' courseA celebration event has been held for six people who completed a ‘Get into Civil Engineering’ course, the first course of its kind in Scotland, which was designed to help people gain experience of civil engineering within a real construction project.

The course was developed and delivered by the Prince’s Trust and the construction contractor, AWPR Construction Joint Venture. It is based on strong educational and practical learning which has achieved considerable success in other areas, such as retail.  

The celebration event, held at the project’s head office in Stonehaven, enabled the participants to share their experiences with friends and family, as well as their wider support network from the Prince’s Trust and AWPR Construction Joint Venture.

Georgia Black, 19, is a part-time NHS receptionist from Torry in Aberdeen. She said: “It has been a wonderful experience and totally different from my current job. I have really enjoyed working on site with the structures team on one of the bridges.”  

Ruaridh Girvan, 24, from Stonehaven, is long-term unemployed. He said: “This offered a unique opportunity for me. I would love to work in planning or computer aided design. The course was brilliant in giving an insight into what is involved in road construction.”

Keiran Wood, 19, from Kincorth, Aberdeen, is unemployed. He said: “The course has surprised me by showing how much is involved in building a road. I love working with my hands and would like to be a plant operator if I can.”

Scott Yates, 23, from Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, is a graduate engineer. He said: “I’m hoping this course will give me a foot in the door to an industry I really want to make a career of. It has been a great opportunity and the course has been brilliant.”

Daniel Byrne, 20, from Stonehaven, is unemployed. He said: “It was great to see all the different aspects to road construction – there is far more to it than I realised. It has been a really worthwhile course.”

Rudy Boateng, 20, from Aberdeen, is an unemployed welder. He said: “I didn’t know anything about civil engineering before this course but I have enjoyed it so much that I want to work in the industry. I have loved working with all the different machines and would love a job on the AWPR/B-T project.”


Construction contractor raises almost £40,000

RNLIThe AWPR/B-T construction contractor has raised £37,339 in just two years for 19 charity projects.

Among the charities and organisations who have benefited are:

  • CLAN Cancer Support
  • The Red Cross
  • Camphill School
  • Aberdeen Cyrenians
  • Cornerstone
  • The Archie Foundation
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Maryculter Woodland Trust
  • Maggie’s Aberdeen
  • The Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Maryculter Woodland TrustWorkers have contributed either individually or in small groups through a variety of ways, by:

  • taking part in charity events
  • donating money
  • giving up their own time to assist good causes.

Events have included cycling the length of mainland Britain, running half marathons, repairing woodland walks and even taking part in lifeboat rescue missions.

Cancer Research UKJohn Guild, Technical Director for the project, raised £1,000 for Cancer Research UK by taking part in a non-stop cycle relay from Land’s End to John O’Groats and completed the 981-mile route in just 84 hours.

Staff have also taken part in Christmas food delivery convoys from Balmedie to Aberdeen for Aberdeen Cyrenians.

Eight operatives helped the Maryculter Woodland Trust created a new car park for visitors.

Chest Heart and Stroke ScotlandA team of 18 people also took part in one of Scotland’s toughest challenge races and raised £1,200 for Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland. The “Hi-Vis Heroes” competed in an outdoor endurance race at Knockburn Loch near Strachan on Deeside.

Project staff have also volunteered to help crucial life-saving organisations with Works Manager Colin McNeil joining the Aberdeen team of the RNLI. He is a member of his local RNLI team in Troon and, while working in Aberdeen, he has been training with the city squad and taking part in missions.

Festive fun

Paul Cooper with SantaAWPR Contracting Authority team member Paul Cooper has raised over £1,000 for CLAN Cancer Support via all the organisations involved in the AWPR project after dressing up as an elf for the day and helping out Santa at the Bon Accord Shopping Centre.

CLAN Cancer Support is a well-established, local charity providing emotional and practical support to people affected by cancer, their family, carers and friends. It aims to help people live with and beyond their or their loved ones cancer diagnosis and improve the quality of life for all those who turn to it for help and support.

Aberdeen Roads Limited


Around 20 workers helped to build a car park for Maryculter Community Woodland, using a digger from the site and supplying pipes for drainage purposes.

Earlier this month, four cable drums were delivered to Kingswells Primary School for use in its nursery garden. Other donations, such as the supply of wood to Scoltly Hill Community Group and local scout groups have already taken place.

Any local groups interested in receiving donations of wood, metal or plastic piping should contact Sonja Shand, the AWPR/B-T contractor’s sustainability manager, on 0800 058 8350.

Open days

Aberdeen Roads Limited and its construction contractor, AWPR CJV, held a series of open days across the north east at the end of January and the beginning of February. 

Almost 800 people attended the open days. Over two weeks, ten events were held and a range of questions were answered, such as what the new road will look like, what the new road wil mean for existing roads and walkways, and what upcoming works will entail, including road works. 

Contractor provides support for Aberdeen Cyrenians

Santas and Elves drop off the food parcles along with Connie McDonald, Callie<br>Dunn, Struan Pirie and Thomas Ballingall from Balmedie Primary School

The AWPR/B-T contractor has been helping Aberdeen Cyrenians with its Christmas food-drive. Members of the team, dressed in Santa and elf costumes, used four pick-up trucks to collect non-perishable foods from Balmadie Primary School before delivering it, in convoy, to Aberdeen Cyrenians at Summer Street, Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Cyrenians aims to meet all the varying needs of people affected by homelessness in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.  

Contact and Education Space

The AWPR/B-T Contact and Education Space has been officially opened by Transport Minister Derek MacKay, Council Leader for Aberdeen City Council, Councillor Jenny Laing and Co-leader of Aberdeenshire Council, Councillor Richard Thomson.

Seven new Modern Apprentices helped to open the new Contact and Education Information Point

The facility at New Mains of Ury, near Stonehaven, is open to visitors between 9am and 5:30pm on weekdays and 10am and 4pm on Saturdays.

For information on how to book events e.g. for schools and colleges, please call 0800 058 8350.

Monthly E-zine

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Quarterly Newsletter

Aberdeen Roads Limited is committed to keeping local communities and businesses informed of its progress on the AWPR/B-T. A quarterly newsletter will be available via local libraries throughout the north east.

Project leaflet

Aberdeen Roads Limited was named as the contractor for the AWPR/B-T in December 2014.  More information on Aberdeen Roads Limited is available in their project leaflet.

Stay Safe

Children from Kirkhill Primary School and Foveran Primary School visited the AWPR/B-T main site office at Stonehaven to hear about the dangers of construction sites and how they can Stay Safe this summer.

Caitlin McKay (10) from Foveran Primary School said: "It was great fun learning about how many new things are being built like new bridges, underpasses and even wildlife tunnels. I had no idea badgers and squirrels will have their own tunnels under the new road!

"I also learned that safety is very important and there are lots of dangers on a building site like falling down holes, tripping up, and even sand that can hurt your skin. I think I'll be safe and just keep away until the road is finished!"

Neve Flynn (10) from Kirkhill Primary School added: "I thought today's visit very interesting and I learned lots about the dangers on a construction site. I will certainly think twice about going near the AWPR while it's being built!"

A guide is available which explains the dangers of construction sites, such as construction machinery and unstable land, and how you can Stay Safe.


We held public exhibitions at various locations across the north east over a two week period commencing on 23 June 2014.

The exhibitions provided another chance to find out more about the project before works began, including details on:

The route

The AWPR will be dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction, except for the section between North Kingswells Junction and Craibstone Junction, which will have three lanes in each direction.

The existing A90 dual carriageway, south of Charleston Junction, will also be widened to three lanes in each direction for a short section between Charleston and the next junction to the south at Findon.

Balmedie-Tipperty includes the construction of some 9km of new off-line dual carriageway, and the strengthening of some 3km of existing dual carriageway between Blackdog and Balmedie.

The combined AWPR/B-T includes 12 junctions, two river crossings at the River Dee and River Don, an underbridge for crossing the Aberdeen to Inverness Railway, 5 major pipeline crossings and 3 wildlife bridges along with over 100 other structures.

Junctions will be located at Stonehaven (A90), Charleston (A90), Cleanhill, Milltimber (A93), South Kingswells (A944), North Kingswells, Craibstone (A96), Goval (A947), Blackdog (A90), Balmedie (A90), Newburgh Road (A90) and Tipperty (A90).

Advance works

Advance works were undertaken prior to commencement of the main construction works. These works removed constraints which could have affected the main construction works.

These contracts, which are significantly smaller than the main works contract, were advertised through the Public Contract Scotland portal and included:

  • Demolition works
  • Archaeological investigations
  • Badger sett replacement
  • Bat roost/red squirrel mitigation
  • Otter holt replacement
  • Kingfisher exclusion
  • Private Water Supply works
  • Hydrological monitoring works
  • C5K advance works
  • Supplementary ground investigations
  • STAG baseline monitoring works
  • Site preparation works
  • Environmental mitigation
Environmental mitigation

Where possible, the project has been designed to avoid or reduce impacts on the environment. It includes mitigation measures such as:

  • Bridges/underpasses to maintain access
  • Reconnection of field drainage systems and reinstatement of boundary features
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Treatment of road drainage before discharging to watercourses
  • Measures to allow wildlife to pass through watercourse structures
  • Measures to allow wildlife to pass through embankments and over cuttings
  • Landscaping designed for ecological benefit
  • New habitats designed for individual species e.g. bats
  • Easing of embankments to integrate into landscape
  • Use of low road noise surfacing and acoustic barriers
  • Methods to minimise disruption due to construction

In addition, as the project will remove traffic from slow-moving city streets and reduce congestion, more people will benefit from improvements to air quality and reduced traffic noise.

The removal of this traffic will also assist in the achievement of wider environmental objectives, such as supporting proposals to create pedestrian zones.

AWPR Balmedie-Tipperty Public Exhibition Panels

AWPR Balmedie-Tipperty Public Exhibition Information Leaflet  

AWPR Balmedie-Tipperty Public Exhibition Information Poster

Details of further exhibitions will be outlined in this section.

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A number of maps have been produced to give you an overview of the outline AWPR / B-T plans. These will be updated to provide a greater level of detail once Aberdeen Roads Limited has finalised the detailed design.

Choose a section below for a more detailed view.


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