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Local roads traffic regulation orders: events on a road

Under the Roads (Scotland) Act  1984 local authorities are the roads authority for local roads.Local Authorities have powers under section 16A of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 which can restrict traffic in order to facilitate an event held on a road. In certain circumstances the legislation requires the Scottish Ministers to become involved i.e.

  • where the traffic order includes a trunk road or motorway;
  • when the order will be in force for more than three days;
  • when an existing order is required to continue for longer than the anticipated period of time; and,
  • when the closure relates to the same length of road which has been subject to a previous section 16A order, within the same calendar year.

In September 2015, Transport Scotland issued ‘Section 16A Special Events – Guidance’ to the Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS), which was subsequently distributed to local authorities.

The guidance was prepared in order to facilitate a more effective and efficient handling process in the instances where local authorities are required to obtain Scottish Ministers’ consent to temporarily prohibit or restrict traffic in relation to an event being held on a road.

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