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Key facts about the trunk road network in Scotland

  • The trunk road and motorway network connects Scotland's major cities, towns, airports and ports enabling the movement of people, goods and services
  • It is Scottish Ministers’ single biggest asset
  • The network is hugely diverse, ranging from the ten-lane M8 in the centre of Glasgow to single carriageway sections in the west Highlands
  • The trunk road and motorway network is 3,507 km (2,179 miles) long, including slip roads and roundabouts*
  • It has a gross asset value of over £20.8 billion and represents 6% of the total Scottish road network
  • It carries 35% of all traffic and 60% of heavy goods vehicles
  • *As of 9 January 2017

Map of the network

This map shows the extent of Scotland's trunk road network, and the Operating Companies that maintain each area.

Map of the trunk road network

Official List of trunk roads 

This list sets out those roads which are managed and maintained by Transport Scotland, on behalf the Scottish Ministers.

Under Section 2 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 the Scottish Ministers have a responsibility to:

  • Keep a list of roads for which they are liable to manage and maintain
  • Make the list available for inspection free of charge.

View the official list of trunk roads, which was last updated in June 2015. 

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