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Road Asset Management Plan

Transport Scotland’s Road Asset Management Plan (RAMP) keeps road users informed about the Agency’s management and maintenance responsibilities on Scotland’s trunk roads. The RAMP sets out the level of service we intend to provide on the trunk road network alongside the work and investment required to achieve this.

Considerable advances have been made in our asset management practices since the publication of the first RAMP in 2007. Transport Scotland is committed to continually improving asset management practices and these will be reflected in future periodic updates of the RAMP.

Asset Management Improvement Programme

We see our commitment to asset management as a long term investment in the Scottish trunk road network and have an ongoing improvement plan to ensure that we remain a world class network operator. To support this we have identified a number of improvement tasks that we are delivering with external consultant support through our Multiple Framework Agreement for Asset Management.

We will continue to ensure that our asset management improvements are embedded into and delivered through our Operating Company Contracts.

Listening to you

The majority of us, in one form or another, are road users. As road users we expect safe and reliable journeys. These are not unreasonable expectations.

We welcome this, and in response we are actively engaging with road users and other interested parties to understand their views about the service they expect from the trunk road network. This relates to road condition, winter maintenance, journey reliability or lighting provision, to name but a few. We undertake annual surveys, with a representative cross section of road users, to identify trunk road issues that are important to them and the service they expect or desire. The findings are used to inform our maintenance activities and performance measures.

Road user perceptions of the trunk road network in Scotland

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