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Road works and safety

Around 2,200 road accidents where people are injured occur UK wide every year, at or in the vicinity of road works.

Some of these incidents involve those working on the road.

Road workers are there to ensure the roads are properly maintained and improved.

On busy roads, day or night, in all weathers, they risk their lives improving our roads, keeping them open. Loss of life, or serious injury, is a very real threat when motorists speed through roadworks trying to save a few seconds.

Motorists should respect the road workers and drive with caution when passing all roadworks and abide by the set speed limit. When you see road works, reduce your speed, drive with more care and keep them safe.

Road Workers' Safety Forum

logo of ROWSaF

Transport Scotland is a member of the Road Workers’ Safety Forum (RoWSaF).

The industry group was established in 2001, promoting the health, safety and welfare of road workers.

Members are drawn from UK roads administrations, enforcement agencies, contractors, designers and their associations.

Highways Agency

Transport Scotland has worked in partnership with the Highways Agency to produce a range of information to highlight the need to respect road workers and the work they do in difficult situations.

This page on the Highways Agency website provides a suite of eight posters and two postcard treatments that are designed to reinforce the serious 'Respect our Roadworkers' messages.

Please also see the 'Respect our road workers' videos which illustrate the effects of accidents at roadworks, provided by Traffic Scotland:

alt:Watch this video directly
Respect our road workers - RESPECT


alt:Watch this video directly
Respect our road workers - 5 SECONDS


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