Social status

Transport Scotland has a suite of social media feeds.

Our main channel is Twitter. Follow the @transcotland account for updates on what’s going on, including news articles, events, vacancies and project milestones. In addition to our own news we also retweet messages from other organisations related to the work we do. Our Twitter policy outlines this channel’s usage in more detail. For traffic updates follow @trafficscotland.

For photos of our work, Flickr has a collection of project progress shots, ministerial visits and other pictures showing subjects related to Transport Scotland’s remit.

Videos are available via our YouTube channel. Some of our most popular items are the timelapse footage videos. These condense the activity of large projects, such the construction of the M74 extension, into the space of a few minutes. This channel also showcases virtual models of how some of our projects will look like once completed.

In addition to these channels we also have a presence on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


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