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Related Areas within the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland

Transport Economics
Provides information about the Transport Economics branch, and its work

Transport progress indicators
"Scotland's Transport: Delivering Improvements: Transport Indicators for Scotland"
- December 2002 edition

Congestion on Scottish Trunk Roads

  • 2004 edition - Published by Transport Scotland February 2007
  • 2003 edition - Published by the Scottish Government March 2005

Transport Model for Scotland
Provides information about the model

Scottish Household Survey
One of the main purposes of the survey is to collect statistical information about Transport and Travel.

Environment Statistics
Provides information about Scottish Government Environment Statistics

Tourism, Culture and Sport statistics
Provides information about statistics of Tourism in Scotland

Links to websites other than the Scottish Government

Department for Transport: Transport Statistics home page
Several DfT surveys collect Scottish data, and some DfT publications provide some figures for Scotland.

This is a charitable organisation enabling and supporting travel by sustainable transport. They produce the Hands Up Scotland Survey which provides data on children’s travel to school

Transport Statistics Users Group
UK-wide, tends to hold one "Scottish" meeting per year.

Scottish Transport Studies Group
Produces the quarterly "Scottish Transport Review", which includes material on statistics, research and Transport policy.

UK Data Archive
Has (anonymised) copies of the Scottish Household Survey data, including the Travel Diary data, and of the GB-wide "Stats 19" injury road accident statistics data (within which one can identify accidents which occurred in Scotland)

Civil Aviation Authority
For statistics on UK airports and air services, including Scottish ones.

Office of Rail Regulation
For statistics on GB rail services, including some Scottish ones.

Office for National Statistics
For information on the Transport, Travel and Tourism "theme"

International Road Traffic and Accident Database
For information for a range of other countries

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