Senior Transport Planners - October 2019

To help us deliver our responsibilities we are seeking suitably qualified and experienced applicants to fill a number of senior grade posts within the fields of civil engineering and transport planning.

Senior Transport Planning roles are available in the Transport Strategy and Analysis Directorate (TSA) of Transport Scotland. This directorate brings together cross cutting functions under four teams to support development of evidence base to inform policy and investment decisions across the agency:

  • Transport Analytic Services
  • Strategic Transport Planning
  • Transport Strategy
  • Policy Integration.

Cross cutting areas of work include the development of the National Transport Strategy, setting investment priorities for transport through the second Strategic Transport Projects Review, developing Transport Scotland transport appraisal toolkit including models and appraisal guidance, the Transport Bill, transport’s contribution to Climate Change, inclusive economic growth and transport components of City and Regional Growth Deals.


The current salary range for Senior Transport Planners is £37,418 – £45,241 (pro rata for part time). The role also currently attracts an annual pay supplement of £4,500 (pro rata for part time). Supplements are subject to regular review.

Closing date

Midnight Sunday 17 November.



Transport Scotland is the national transport agency for Scotland and is accountable to Parliament and the public through Scottish Ministers, with a budget of around £2 billion per year. It is responsible, on behalf of Scottish Ministers, for overseeing the operation and maintenance of the railways and trunk road networks throughout Scotland, for transport policy, aviation, ports, freight and inland waterways, and for running the national concessionary fares schemes.  Transport is a vital feature of the Scottish Government's focus on increasing sustainable economic growth, and transport investments and policies have major impacts on the economy, people, and the environment.