Concessionary Travel Review

Review of concessionary travel for young people  - Tackling child poverty

We're working with stakeholders to undertake a review of an extension to discounts available on public transport to those under the age of 26. This review will incorporate a cost and benefits appraisal as any changes to the concessionary travel schemes must fully consider financial sustainability.

This review seeks to combine and address a number of commitments:

  • Child Poverty Action Plan: develop plans with stakeholders to explore how all areas of transport, including travel concession schemes, can best support the delivery of the child poverty reduction targets;
  • Cabinet Meeting with Scottish Youth Parliament: commitment to carry out a review on extending discounts on public transport to those under 26; and
  • Following debate on free bus travel: undertake an appraisal which considers the cost and benefits of extending free bus travel to people under the age of 26 which fully considers financial sustainability.

This work is being taken forward in two phases. Phase one will focus on developing a robust evidence base, which will include:

  • research into the extent to which child poverty is affected by transport expenditure;
  • obtaining further evidence from stakeholders on children and young people’s transport costs from what we already have obtained as part of the review on the National Transport Strategy (NTS2);
  • a costs and benefits appraisal; and
  • a review of evidence of public transport as an enabler for wider Scottish Government outcomes.

Phase two will set out the case for change and will provide a detailed options appraisal (which will consider the financial sustainability of each option) based on the evidence obtained in phase one.

The review will be taken forward by dedicated research specialists overseen by a project group composed of officials from across Transport Scotland.

The timescale for this work follows the timescales for the Child Poverty Delivery Plan (under which there is an obligation to provide annual progress reports), and the implementation of the NTS2 delivery plan.