Young Scot National Entitlement Card

If you are 16, 17 or 18 (or aged 19 to 25 and a full time volunteer) you can get cheaper transport on buses, trains and ferries with your Young Scot NEC Card. If you don’t already have one or need a replacement for any reason, visit the Young Scot website for information on how to get yours. Contact numbers can be found under the ‘Get your card section’.

In order to get your discount on the bus or the train you need to make sure that your Young Scot card has the pink strip and has the mygovscot or saltirecard logo. If your card says OneScotland and it doesn’t have a pink strip you should phone the number on the back of the card to order a replacement card.


Your Young Scot card gives you a 1/3 discount off the adult single fare on almost all local and long-distance buses in Scotland. It also works on services to and from Carlisle and Berwick-Upon-Tweed from anywhere in Scotland. Book in advance or just show your card when you jump on a bus.

The Young Scot card is the only valid discount card on buses today. If you previously had the stripey Young Person’s Bus Concession Card you should destroy this and start using your Young Scot card.  

Getting the discount is simple. Place your card on the electronic ticketing machine, state your destination to the driver and your discount will automatically be calculated.


Your Young Scot card also gets you a 1/3 discount off rail travel. Tickets should be bought in person from the ticket office or on the train to claim your rail discount.  Simply ask for the Young Scot discount and show your card to get the reduced fare.

You might be able to book on-line via the ScotRail website or by calling 0330 303 0111 but please check this before you buy as the discount is not always provided by online ticket providers.

Please Note: Tickets should only be bought on the train where a ticket cannot be bought at the station due to no ticket office or ticket machine.

Please ensure you have your Young Scot card with you when you travel as the cardholder must be the purchaser and user of the discounted ticket.  You are unable to buy tickets for anyone else using your Young Scot card.

If you are travelling before 10am during the week, a minimum-spend limit of £12 applies in order to get a discount. These restrictions do not apply in July and August, or if you are purchasing a season ticket. You can also use your card to buy a season ticket (weekly, monthly etc) at a 50% discount.

Visit the ScotRail website for terms and conditions.


If you are aged 16-18 and live on a Scottish island you will receive 4 ferry vouchers which entitles you to two free return ferry journeys to the mainland each year. The vouchers are valid from 1 April to 31 March of the following year and you get them automatically until you turn 19 (or 26 for full-time volunteers).

If you have received ferry vouchers because you are aged 16-18, you must be under 19 on the date you travel. Ferry terminal staff will check you have a valid Young Scot card and ferry voucher when you travel and will also check the date of birth on your Young Scot card . You will require a valid Young Scot card and valid ferry voucher when you book and will need to have these on the day of travel or you will be required to pay for the journey.

Terms and conditions

Using your travel discounts

  • Your Young Scot card entitles you to discounted travel on the bus and the train.
  • Please carry your Young Scot card with you when you are travelling.
  • The cards are non-transferable and should only be used by you.
  • Your discounts will be withdrawn if you allow anyone else to use them.
  • Travel using a Young Scot card is subject to the normal regulations and conditions of carriage of each transport operator.
  • Your card gives you the same rights as a full-fare paying passenger.

Please be aware that some transport operators may offer their own commercial discounts which may be better suited to your individual travel requirements. Please check this with the transport operator before you travel and explore various travel options and ticket choices.

Full time volunteers

If you live in Scotland, are aged between 19 and 25, and volunteer for more than 30 hours a week you're also eligible for discounted travel. You'll need to submit an up to date letter from a senior official in a recognised volunteering organisation which confirms your name, full postal address, and that you volunteer with that organisation for 30+ hours per week.


You cannot use Young Scot card to purchase a SPT Zonecard or for a discount on the Glasgow subway.

You cannot use your Young Scot card on premium fare buses, as in, those services not on a standard timetable and charged at a higher than normal rate. Your Young Scot card isn’t valid on City Sightseeing buses and doesn’t allow you to travel outwith Scotland. However, if you are travelling outwith Scotland check with the operator if any commercial discounts are available to you.  These won’t be part of the Scottish Government’s scheme so this would be at the discretion of that particular transport operator.  

Advance bookings

Whilst booking in advance for long distance journeys may guarantee your seat, it may also incur an additional fee and may not always offer the best fare. Booking in advance may not always be practical – please check with the individual operator as there may be various ways of booking a journey (in person, telephone, website etc) and check whether there is a requirement to book in advance or if you can just turn up on the day and travel.