Accessible Travel Fund

The closing date for applications to this fund was 28 September 2018. You can read about the awards in our November 2018 news release.

Call for funding bids

The Accessible Travel Fund aims to improve door to door journeys across all modes of transport,  enhancing the travelling experience of disabled people and others facing mobility or access challenges, including passengers that have hidden impairments. 

The fund supports the Accessible Travel Framework for Scotland, whose purpose is to:

  • Support disabled people’s rights by removing barriers and improving access to travel and;
  • Ensure disabled people are fully involved in work to improve all aspects of travel.

General information on the fund

The value of the fund is £300,000 comprising of resource and capital expenditure.

Eligible organisations

The fund is open to all organisations across Scotland supporting people with disabilities.

Eligible projects

Applications are not restricted in geography, size or type of project. It will be for applicant organisations to demonstrate that projects fit with the aims and objectives of the fund and can demonstrate clear outcomes in line with our actions as set out in the criteria document. 

Please note there needs to be a clear link into active and sustainable travel.  Particularly in areas such as sustainable communities, the built environment and encouraging multi-modal travel.  For example, making areas more accessible through clear pathways and improved accessible signage, improved infrastructure facilities that are beneficial to all members of the community and fully accessible and safe for all, and therefore encourage the public to make more active travel choices.

Application process

Applicants are requested to complete and submit detail of their project using the criteria and application document form.

All applications will be subject to assessment by the Fund Panel which will make final recommendations on successful projects to be funded.

Please send all applications via email to:

or contact us by phone on 0131 2441694. 

Download the criteria and application form.  

Proposals should be submitted by 5pm on Friday 28 September 2018.

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