The Bus Partnership Fund is open for applications for funding to develop bus priority infrastructure projects. 

In developing proposals, applicants are encouraged to download and consider the attached case studies and other information on good practice developments in the UK and internationally. We particularly welcome applications which demonstrate innovation and ambition to address the outcomes listed in the call for proposals.

The initial tranche of funding is expected to be used to resource the development of appraisals and business cases and the application process is therefore designed to be light-touch. Applications will also be considered for quick wins: i.e. smaller infrastructure projects which already have an evidence base and which are aligned to the longer-term vision.

The following application criteria have been developed to meet the aims of the Fund, while complying with state aid regulations and guidance on financial governance:

  • Applications must be from partnerships working towards Bus Service Improvement Partnership (BSIP) status, as defined by the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019. A guidance note on BSIPs is available for download below.
  • There must be a lead local authority, as Accountable Officer for the funding.
  • The infrastructure projects will be owned by local roads authorities, in recognition of their statutory role in maintaining the local road infrastructure. Transport Scotland will therefore not mandate design requirements but will expect local authorities to follow good practice guidance, such as the National Roads Development Guide.
  • In accordance with the Place Principle, which was adopted by the Scottish Government in 2019, bidding partnerships are asked to take a collaborative, place-based approach to the proposed developments.
  • All partners should sign the application to indicate their commitment; both to the partnership and the proposed developments.
  • In applying, partnerships accept that initial funding awards and any future tranches of funding awarded will be subject to evaluation by Transport Scotland.