The Scottish Ministers must maintain a Public Register in accordance with section 73A of the Railways Act 1993 (as introduced by paragraph 31 of Schedule 1 to the 2005 Act).

It is for the Scottish Ministers to determine how the register is kept and administered. The contents of the Public Register are accessible directly.

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If you request materials relating to England and Wales, please make your request to the Department for Transport.

ScotRail franchise

The following documents are held in the Public Register:

Caledonian Sleeper franchise

The Caledonian Sleeper Rail Franchise Invitation to Tender was issued to bidders in Summer 2013 and on 16 December of the same year, the three shortlisted bidders entered submission for the contract.

On 10 June 2014 the Franchise Contract was signed with Serco Caledonian Sleepers Limited following the voluntary standstill period of 10 calendar days from midnight on 27 May 2014.

The procurement process went as follows:

  • Spring 2013: Issue OJEU Notice, bidders submit PQQ
  • Summer 2013: Issue ITT to bidders
  • Winter 2013: Bidders submit ITT response
  • Summer 2014: Notify winning bidder
  • April 2015: Commence franchise

For further information, read the brochure detailing the transformation of the franchise. The Full Business Case for the Caledonian Sleeper Rail Franchise was prepared by Atkins, Ernst & Young and Transport Scotland and documents the decision to invest in the franchise.

The Franchise Agreement details the various obligations of the franchisee, covering the entire length of the franchise.