Bus Service Operators Grant: Information Pack and Conditions Of Eligibility (PSV 360-S)

Summary of Key Differences in BSOG

Below are the key principles for the BSOG scheme for Commercial Bus Operators which will be applied from
1 April 2012 for payments relating to financial year 2012-13 onwards.

  • Fuel use will no longer be a factor in calculating BSOG payments. Payments will be solely based on distance travelled and will be calculated using the equation:
    Payment = eligible kms x payment rate
  • BSOG will only be payable on mileage run on an eligible service. Dead mileage will no longer be eligible for BSOG.
  • The 1% eligible mileage bonus applied at the certified claim stage will be removed.
  • Low Carbon Vehicles (LCVs) will be eligible for an LCV incentive. A separate form is available from Transport Scotland on request. The payment rate for LCVs is twice the conventional payment rate with the bonus applied at the certified claim stage. An LCV is defined as:
    "A vehicle that produces at least 30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a current Euro III equivalent diesel bus of the same total passenger capacity. The greenhouse gas emissions will be expressed in grams of carbon dioxide equivalent measured over a standard test, and will cover 'Well-to-Wheel' performance, thereby taking into account both the production of the fuel and its consumption on board. A vehicle must be certified by the manufacturer that it meets these conditions."
  • Transport Scotland will only accept backdated certified claim forms for one financial year prior to the current financial year in question. For example, in April 2012 an operator could only submit a certified claim for the period 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012 but no further back.

Below are the conditions of eligibility for Bus Service Operators Grant. This leaflet is for guidance only; full conditions of eligibility for Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG) are contained within the Bus Service Operators Grant (Scotland) Regulations 2002 as amended and are printed in full on the reverse of the estimate claim form (PSV 310-S) and certified claim form (PSV 311-S).