Carbon Account For Transport No 8 2016 Edition

Carbon Account for Transport No. 8: 2016 Edition

Carbon Account for Transport

ISBN 978-1-909948-94-5 (web only publication)
PPDAS 260845

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This document provides an annual update of the Carbon Account for Transport (CAT), first published in August 2009. Future updates will be released as new data become available.


Carbon Account for Transport No. 8: 2016 Edition

Executive Summary

1. Introduction
1.1 Policy context
1.2 Purpose of the CAT

2. Historical emissions analysis
2.1 Background
2.2 Total emissions trends for Scotland and the Scottish Transport Sector
2.3 Emissions analysis by transport sector
2.4 Road emissions by vehicle type
2.5 Road emissions by road type
Box: Analysis of low emission car and van sector
2.6 Comparison of key Scottish and UK transport emission statistics
2.7 Efficiency of Passenger Vehicles
2.8 Leading indicators

3. Future emissions impact of transport interventions
3.1 Background
3.2 Infrastructure projects
3.3 Fiscal / regulatory measures
3.4 Projected net emissions impact from Scottish projects

4. Conclusions


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