Rail 2014 - Public Consultation

Rail 2014 - Public Consultation

Rail 2014 - Public Consultation

The Consultation Process

Sending responses

We welcome your views on the issues raised in this documents. All of the questions are set out again on the Respondent Information Form in Annex D, and please feel free to provide other information that you consider may assist us.

Please complete the Respondent Information Form to submit your answers. An electronic version of the form is on the website, and we would really appreciate it if you could complete the form electronically as it will assist with the collation of responses.

The form is on the website at: www.transportscotland.gov.uk/rail2014

Please make sure you complete the boxes on the front of the form to tell us how you would like us to use your form. We can publish your response on the Transport Scotland website if you wish. You can tell us if you would like us to publish your name and address, or just your name, or you can remain anonymous. If you ask us not to publish your response, we will still take your views into account for the franchising of rail passenger services and the High Level Output Specification.

If you do not fill in the part of the form called Permissions, we will assume you do not want us to publish your comments on the website. We will still read what you say and take it into account.

The form should be returned to us at:

Postal submissions should be sent to:

Transport Scotland
Buchanan House
58 Port Dundas Road
Glasgow G4 0HF

Closing date

The closing date for responses is 20 February 2012.

Further discussion

We have a range of events and activities planned over the consultation period in which we will be discussing the consultation further. Further details can be found on our web pages:

Assessing the impacts

Alongside the consultation we are conducting a full equalities impact assessment. We are also determining the level of environmental impact assessment that we need to carry out.

We do not currently consider that a full Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) will need to be conducted but will make a final determination after the consultation is concluded. We are however carrying out an environmental screening of the options in this document and will be formally consulting the Consultation Authorities to seek their views prior to making a determination about undertaking an SEA.

What happens next

The responses from this consultation along with our ongoing research and modelling work, responses to previous consultations, and discussions with key stakeholders, will be used to help us determine how to fund and contract for rail passenger services. The responses will inform our inputs to the rail industry processes which are ongoing as part of the periodic review of funding for Network Rail.

We intend to publish our Franchising Policy Statement in the spring of 2012 and an outcomes report on this consultation later in that year. Our High Level Outputs Specification will be published in July 2012 and details of the future contract(s) for rail passenger services will be published towards the end of 2012.