10. Continuous Improvement

Scottish Trunk Road Network Asset Management Strategy: November 2018

10. Continuous Improvement

We will continue our programme of asset management improvements by making the right decisions at the right time informed by good quality data, tools and systems.

By sharing knowledge and experience with other road operators we will continue to implement improvements to our trunk road network.

Our Asset Management Improvement Programme

Our Asset Management Improvement Programme (AMIP) is now within its third phase. The scope of the AMIP has been influenced by ISO 55000 gap analysis and consultation with our stakeholders. To ensure that our asset management regime remains world class, we undertake a gap analysis against ISO 55000 once every two years. Phase three of the AMIP covers many of the aims set out within this Strategy including:

  • Asset Performance Management System (APMS) — We are currently developing a replacement for IRIS, which will be deployed internally and amongst our supply chain. The specification for APMS is being developed through extensive consultation with users and will reflect a fundamentally new approach to the management of asset data. APMS will include improved analytics and interfaces to link with supply chain systems.
  • Development of a Customer Strategy — We aim to improve our understanding of customer's priorities for the service offered by the trunk road network through new and innovative ways of engagement. This will build upon existing customer engagement tasks to set out how Transport Scotland engages with stakeholders who use, or are affected by the trunk road network and how their needs can be addressed as much as possible.
  • Enhancements to the Asset Maintenance Regime — As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we will continue to review how we identify and prioritise schemes and the types of treatment we deliver. This includes an assessment of current and emerging products, techniques and processes to consider their suitability and effectiveness in relation to providing a better solution for Transport Scotland.
  • Information Management — As well as developing APMS to be the primary asset information system for the trunk road network, we will continue to review how data is collected and used within the asset management regime. This will ensure that we continue to collect and manage data where there is a clear need for doing so and that its usefulness and availability is maximised.


We share the details of our improvement activities with other roads authorities to allow the entire industry to benefit from these enhancements. This includes regular collaboration meetings with strategic road organisations, such as Highways England, and the Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS). In addition, we regularly benchmark our performance against similar organisations to identify opportunities to learn from, and improve, our procedures and practices.

We provide funding for both the Scottish Road Research Board and the trunk road Innovation Fund. Both of these have led to significant enhancements to our asset management regime, including innovative new materials, safer and more efficient asset inspections, and a greater understanding of asset performance. Many projects have received industry recognition through awards and publication in journals to further awareness of this work amongst peers.

How to provide feedback on our Strategy

We actively want to hear your thoughts on this strategy document and the service we provide to you, our customers. For more information, please visit www.transport.gov.scot or contact info@transport.gov.scot.