6 Realising the Benefits

Switched On Scotland Phase Two: An Action Plan For Growth

6 Realising the Benefits

Transport Scotland's investments and support for EVs are motivated by achieving beneficial economic, environmental and social outcomes. These outcomes will be realised by individuals and organisations across Scotland. They will also benefit local communities and the country as a whole.

Collecting data and evidence on progress will help to evaluate the impact of different activities and ensure that incentives are properly aligned with emerging market needs.

Promoting these benefits will also help to motivate further support across Scotland, as well as building confidence and enthusiasm amongst individuals and organisations. This feedback will be further strengthened by information on the environmental and health consequences of the most polluting vehicles.

This will be part of a wider activity to help individuals and organisations that have switched to EVs to know that this is making a difference, to reinforce recognition of the rewards that they are receiving and encouraging them to take leadership in promoting the benefits of EVs.

6.1 Progress to Date

Investments in EVs by individuals and organisations across Scotland are already delivering tangible benefits. Transport Scotland and partners are also actively working to bring together stakeholders to share this learning, good practice and successes:

  • In May 2017, Dundee City Council had 83 EVs in its fleet that had driven over 1 million miles and delivered an estimated 70% saving on fuel costs compared to equivalent diesel vehicles.
  • Dundee taxi firm, 203020, reported that its drivers had driven over 2.5 million all-electric miles by May 2017 and that each driver is saving between £120 and £130 a week on fuel.
  • The E-cosse partnership has run 15 forums since 2012, bringing together approximately 700 people representing over 150 organisations to share successes and receive regular updates on progress from Transport Scotland.
  • The Switched On @Work programme was launched by the EST in 2016 to encourage employers to promote the benefits and opportunities offered by EVs to their employees and to generate evidence to better understand future demand for EV charging at workplaces.
  • Twelve ECO Stars schemes are in operation across Scotland, helping fleet operators to improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, emissions and make cost savings.

6.2 Forward Actions

The final action in this 10-point plan recognises Transport Scotland's role in providing evidence-based analysis and feedback that will help to sustain this progress and motivate more people to switch to EVs:

Action 10: Support improvements in the collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of data and evidence on the economic, environmental and social benefits of EVs.

Transport Scotland will work with partners to collect and disseminate information to promote greater recognition of the economic, environmental and social benefits of EVs. This information will be summarised in concise reports that will communicate progress over time. This will provide an opportunity to celebrate milestones, successes and establish the net contribution made by EVs to related policy areas including: climate change; renewable energy and energy systems; air quality and public health; and economic development. Examples of these are shown in Table 2.

Transport Scotland will continue to share these insights at regular E-cosse forums, which bring together stakeholders from across the EV sector to share good practice and successes that motivate further investments in EVs.

Ongoing close working with industry will also support developments such as fuel economy labelling for new cars and driver feedback technologies that will help to quantify the advantages of EVs and promote energy efficient driving.

Table 2: Examples of benefits offered by EVs
  • Air quality improvements
  • CO2 emission reductions
  • Healthcare savings from mitigated emissions
  • Savings on fuel and maintenance costs
  • Energy storage potential/ peak shaving potential
  • Reported benefits from local incentives (e.g. money and time saved)
  • Renewable energy consumed by EVs
  • Investments attracted
  • Economic activity related to Scottish EV businesses (investment, jobs, exports)
  • International exposure/ reputational benefits