7 Measuring Success

Switched On Scotland Phase Two: An Action Plan For Growth

7 Measuring Success

The outcome-focused approach established by this action plan will ensure that Transport Scotland can work with partners to deliver a comprehensive package of support across different types of vehicles and applications.

Table 3 identifies examples of performance indicators to evaluate progress against each of the 10 actions. These indicators demonstrate the range of positive outcomes that can be expected and that in combination these actions can greatly enhance the cost, convenience and cultural acceptance of EVs in Scotland. As part of the delivery of Action 10, Transport Scotland will consider the most appropriate indicators for each action.

Alongside the long-term strategic approach established by the Switched On Scotland Roadmap, this 10-point plan gives a clear focus for the actions to be taken in the period 2017-20. These actions will enable Transport Scotland to work with partners to accelerate the uptake of EVs and to realise the multiple benefits that this offers to individuals, communities, businesses and the country as a whole.

Table 3: Evaluation framework to measure the impact of each of the 10 actions


Example Performance Indicators

Infrastructure and Support


Support the increased deployment of public charging infrastructure by developing the ChargePlace Scotland network.

  • Total investment by Transport Scotland
  • Number of public charge points and bays
  • Geographical coverage


Provide financial support for the purchase of EVs and installation of private charging infrastructure.

  • Funding allocated
  • Number of individuals/ organisations supported
  • Matched funding leveraged


Work with partners on procurement approaches that encourage investments in EVs.

  • Number of organisations engaged/ supported
  • Number of organisations and procurement contracts that incentivise provision of EVs
  • Total investments generated


Continue to work with partners to promote EVs as an alternative to fossil fuelled vehicles.

  • Number of individuals/ organisations engaged
  • Level of public knowledge/ understanding
  • Positive attitudes to EVs


Embed support for EVs in strategies for transport, energy, climate change, air quality and the built environment.

  • Number of policies/ regulations that reference and support EVs
  • Number of Government departments/ agencies/ local authorities/ and other organisations that reference and support EVs

Electric Mobility Services


Improve the user experience of the ChargePlace Scotland network.

  • Levels of customer satisfaction
  • Use of public infrastructure
  • Reliability of infrastructure


Support the development of innovative EV charging hubs across Scotland.

  • Number of hubs created
  • Integration with other transport modes
  • Matched funding leveraged


Support local authorities in deploying measures that encourage adoption of EVs.

  • Number of local authorities introducing measures
  • Number of measures introduced
  • Customer benefits/ reported value


Consider the impact of emerging technologies and business models on EV adoption and infrastructure deployment.

  • Level of engagement with industry and researchers
  • Pilots/ trials supported

Realising the Benefits


Support improvements in the collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of data and evidence on the economic, environmental and social benefits of EVs.

  • Number of external presentations
  • Number of case studies produced
  • Number of dissemination events