Transport Scotland Framework Document


The Purpose of this Framework Document

The expanded Transport Scotland was established during 2010 as an executive agency within the Scottish Government. It is responsible for delivering the Scottish Government's national transport agenda and combines the responsibilities formerly delivered by both the previous Transport Scotland executive agency and the Scottish Government's Transport Directorate.

The delivery mechanisms for Scotland's transport systems and services are complex. Providers range across the private, public (including both central and local government), community and voluntary sectors. The purpose of the Framework Document is to bring together in a single place a summary of the parameters within which the new Transport Scotland is expected to operate, and how it will work to deliver the national transport agenda.

Accountable to Ministers as part of the Scottish Government, these parameters, and this framework document, will be subject to change over time in line with Ministerial priorities.

Delivery of national transport priorities is defined at a number of levels:

The vision - The National Transport Strategy, published in 2006, set national priorities for the Scottish Government as well as other transport providers in Scotland.

Functions - what responsibilities sit within the remit of Transport Scotland as part of the Scottish Government.

Aims, objectives and targets - what Transport Scotland will specifically deliver within its remit.

Roles and responsibilities - in addition to Transport Scotland, who does what to support delivery of the vision.

The Framework Document therefore sets out:

The key functions of Transport Scotland in delivering national priorities.

A summary of its aims, objectives and targets, and working principles. (These are set out in detail in the Corporate Plan).

The roles and responsibilities of the key figures involved, including Scottish Ministers, the Chief Executive of Transport Scotland, and the relevant Director General (currently DG Environment, Enterprise and Digital).

Accountabilities - to the public through Ministers and the Scottish Parliament, and detailed financial accountability mechanisms.

Management arrangements - the Chief Executive's delegated authority and performance management arrangements.

Relationships with other bodies.

How amendments to the Framework Document will be made and agreed.