Transport Scotland Framework Document


The Vision

The Scottish Government's overarching purpose is:

To focus government and public services on creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish, through increasing sustainable economic growth.

The vision for Scotland's transport was set out in the National Transport Strategy, published in 2006, as follows:

  • 'an accessible Scotland with safe, integrated and reliable transport that supports economic growth, provides opportunities for all and is easy to use;
  • a transport system that meets everyone's needs, respects our environment and contributes to health;
  • services recognised internationally for quality, technology and innovation, and for effective and well-maintained networks;
  • a culture where fewer short journeys are made by car, where we favour public transport, walking and cycling because they are safe and sustainable; and
  • where transport providers and planners respond to the changing needs of businesses, communities and users, and where one ticket will get you anywhere'.

The purpose of Transport Scotland is to help to deliver the Scottish Government's overarching purpose, contribute to the delivery of its five strategic objectives (Wealthier & Fairer, Safer & Stronger, Smarter, Healthier, and Greener) and support the national outcomes, indicators and targets set out in the National Performance Framework (NPF).

In discharging the Scottish Government's transport responsibilities it is guided by the 3 key strategic outcomes set out in the National Transport Strategy:

Improve journey times and connections, to tackle congestion and the lack of integration and connections in transport which impact on our high level objectives for economic growth, social inclusion, integration and safety.

Reduce emissions, to tackle the issues of climate change, air quality and health improvement.

Improve quality, accessibility and affordability, to give people a choice of public transport, where availability means better quality transport services and value for money or an alternative to the car.

The more detailed aims, objectives and targets required of Transport Scotland to fulfil its purpose and links to the NPF are set out in detail in the Corporate Plan (which will itself be refreshed from 2012-13 onwards), together with the milestones and performance indicators used to measure successful delivery. Transport Scotland reports progress on the activities in its Corporate Plan to the Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment and the Minister for Housing and Transport, and more detailed annual targets and performance indicators for each year are set out in the Annual Business Plan, which is updated each year and submitted to Ministers for approval.