Transport Scotland Framework Document


Other Management Arrangements

Human Resources

The Chief Executive is responsible for the management and development of Agency staff, and for all aspects (except pensions) of Human Resource management for Transport Scotland staff, in line with the Scottish Government's Human Resources polices and procedures..

Terms and Conditions of Service

The staff of Transport Scotland are civil servants and employees of Scottish Ministers and subject to the Civil Service Code [1] (Scottish version), which sets out the framework within which all civil servants work, and the core values and standards of behaviour they are expected to uphold. The staff of Transport Scotland are subject to Scottish Government Main terms and conditions of employment. They are members of, or are eligible to join, the Civil Service pension arrangements.


The post of Agency Chief Executive may be filled by managed move within the Senior Civil Service, in the same way as any other senior management position within the Scottish Government, or appointed by open recruitment overseen by the Civil Service Commissioners.

Transport Scotland is responsible for the recruitment of its staff and in accordance with the Scottish Government's human resources policies and procedures. Recruitment for Senior Civil Service posts below Chief Executive level will be the overall responsibility of the Scottish Government's Strategic Board, and carried out by the Chief Executive in consultation with the Scottish Government's Director for Human Resources and Organisational Development. All recruitment, including that for Senior Civil Service posts, will adhere to the Scottish Government's recruitment policies and procedures.

Staff relations

The Chief Executive is responsible for promoting and supporting effective employee relations, consulting with trade union representatives in line with the Partnership Agreement that exists between the Council of Scottish Government Unions and the Permanent Secretary.

Training and staff development

The Chief Executive is responsible for the learning and development of staff to ensure that all staff has the knowledge, skills and experience required for Transport Scotland to deliver successfully.

Professional staff will have access to their Head of Profession (where one exists), wherever located within the Scottish Government. Professional Staff career development will be managed by their Head of Profession and will/may include managed moves across the Scottish Government and wider civil service.


Transport Scotland staff remain eligible for promotion opportunities within Scottish Government Main. Transport Scotland will review and agree each year with Scottish Government Human Resources these arrangements to ensure Agency promotion standards are consistent with those that apply for Scottish Government Main.

Health and Safety

The responsibility for health and safety management lies with the Chief Executive in line with current health and safety legislation, guidance and/or best practice, supported by the Occupational Health and Safety Branch of the Scottish Government.

Support Services

The Chief Executive is responsible for securing and monitoring delivery of the support services required by Transport Scotland, with regard to the requirements of Efficient Government and value for money. The Chief Executive will keep the provision of support services under review and set out proposals for review of specific services in the Corporate Plan.

There will be a strong presumption in favour of Transport Scotland sharing corporate services with the rest of the Scottish Government and/or other Scottish Government Agencies. A Service Level Agreement will be agreed where appropriate between Transport Scotland and any Scottish Government Directorates responsible for the provision of shared services.

Where there is a compelling business case Transport Scotland may procure services directly, ensuring that opportunities to share services with other executive agencies or Scottish Government Directorates, in line with Efficient Government requirements, are considered.


The Chief Executive is responsible for ensuring adherence to Scottish Government equalities and diversity policies, and relevant legislation, as they apply to Transport Scotland employees, third parties acting on behalf of Transport Scotland, and in Transport Scotland's role as a public body in the promotion of equality and diversity. Policy statements are set out in the Corporate Plan.

Freedom of Information and Data Protection

The Chief Executive is responsible for ensuring adherence to Scottish Government policies and procedures, and relevant legislation, on Freedom of Information and Data Protection are adhered to. Policy statements are set out in the Corporate Plan.