Transport Scotland Framework Document


Relationships with Other Bodies

Transport Scotland will, as part of the Scottish Government, engage with all bodies with an interest in the development or delivery of transport in Scotland.

These bodies include:

  • Department for Transport, and any other UK Government Departments, in line with agreed concordats.
  • Other devolved Governments in the UK.
  • Regional transport partnerships in Scotland.
  • Scottish local authorities, directly or through the Convention of Local Authorities in Scotland, in line with agreed concordats.
  • Commercial transport operators and service providers.
  • The wider public, private, voluntary and community sector as appropriate.
  • Other executive agencies, public corporations or Central Government Bodies as appropriate.
  • The Council of Scottish Government Unions, in line with the Scottish Government Framework Agreement with CSGU.

Relationships with rail bodies

Following the UK Railways Act 2005 and the formal transfer of rail powers to Scottish Ministers in October 2005, Transport Scotland has the following specific relationships with train operating companies and other rail bodies:

  • The Scottish Ministers are signatories to the ScotRail franchise, and Transport Scotland therefore manages directly the contractual relationship with ScotRail.
  • Scottish Ministers specify the outputs to be delivered by Network Rail in Scotland. To this effect Transport Scotland funds Network Rail's activity in Scotland and will agree and give effect to the Binding Arrangement with Network Rail for its activity in Scotland.
  • Transport Scotland will liaise with the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) which is the independent economic and safety regulatory body for rail in Great Britain. ORR is responsible for monitoring Network Rail's delivery of the outputs specified by Scottish Ministers, and carrying out any enforcement action required.

Relationships with Subsidiaries

Scottish Ministers, represented by Transport Scotland, are the sole shareholder in Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited, David MacBrayne Limited and Highlands and Islands Airports Limited. Transport Scotland holds investments on behalf of Scottish Ministers. These public corporations are operated and managed independently of the Transport Scotland and do not fall within its Accounting boundary. The companies publish their own annual report and accounts.

Sponsorship Role

Transport Scotland exercises a sponsorship role on behalf of Scottish Ministers for two advisory public bodies, Passenger View Scotland (PVS), and the Mobility and Access Committee Scotland (MACS).

Transport Scotland sponsors the Scottish functions of British Waterways (BW), a cross-border organisation. This promotes the use of canals for leisure, recreation, tourism, regeneration and transport. Legislation is currently before the UK and Scottish Parliaments which will transfer the canals in England and Wales to a new waterways charity, leaving British Waterways as a self-standing Scottish public corporation to be known as Scottish Canals.