Transport Scotland Framework Document


Within agreed overall budgetary provision, and subject to the Scottish Public Finance Manual and Scottish Procurement Policy Handbook, Transport Scotland has delegated authority as set out below.

Delegated Authority in Transport Scotland

(1.) Commit expenditure, authorise payments;

Within the Agency's agreed overall budget provision.

(2.) Accept receipts;

Receipts in excess of those authorised by Budget Act must be surrendered to the Scottish Consolidated Fund.

(3.) Let contracts;

In accordance with EU legal requirements and the Scottish Procurement Directorate's Policy Manual and subject to approval by Scottish Ministers of any significant new infrastructure or changes to existing services.

(4.) Commission external consultants;

For individual contracts let by competitive procedures, up to a limit of £10,000 excluding VAT.

(Contracts worth from £10,000 to £50,000 will have to be approved by Director General Enterprise and Environment. Contracts above £50,000 require approval by the Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment).

(5.) Authorise losses, special payments and gifts;

Unlimited, apart from the categories listed below which are subject to a limit of:

a) £50,000 for claims waived or abandoned;

b) £5,000 for special or ex-gratia payments;

c) £1,000 for gifts.

(6.) Authorise Capital Expenditure;

Within the Agency's agreed overall budget


The Scottish Government Finance Directorate portfolio finance team should be consulted about any cases irrespective of the amount of money concerned, which are novel or involve important questions of principle.