M8 M73 M74 - Traffic Management - Week starting 31 July 2017


A89 new Bargeddie Roundabout to A8 Monklands Cemetery

Contraflow traffic running operation to allow bridge repairs by Network Rail - 5 June 2017 to 27 August 2017 (24 hour working).

A753 Gartcosh Road,  Bargeddie

Lane Closure and Two Way Temporary Traffic Signals for Installation of a new Pedestrian Crossing

Once works at the new pedestrian crossing on Langmuir Road are completed, the construction of a new pedestrian crossing will commence on Gartcosh Road (A752), Bargeddie which will be reduced to a single lane between Coatbridge Road (A89) and Manse Road for approximately 1 week. Two–way traffic signals will control traffic while works are undertaken at this location. These will be manually operated during peak times. Pedestrian access will be maintained.

A725 Northbound

Bellziehill off-slip Road

Total closure of northbound off-slips for the erection of signs – 31 July to 2 August 2017 (8pm to 6am).

Slip Roads Diversion Via  - NB traffic – A725 to Diamond Interchange and return A725 southbound SB traffic - A725 to Orbiston and return A725 Northbound to Bellziehill

On-slip from Raith Roundabout

Total closure of the A725 northbound on-slip from Raith roundabout, overnight, for sign installation – 31 July and 1 August 2017 (8pm to 6am).

The on-slip diversion via:-  A725 southbound East Kilbride expressway, A725 southbound High Blantyre Junction off-slip to Main Street (B7012), return to A725 northbound High Blantyre Junction on-slip and continue north on A725 through Raith underpass

A725 North and Southbound

Orbiston slip Roads

Alternate total closure of northbound on and off slips and southbound off-slip for the erection of signs – 3 and 4 August 2017 (8pm to 6am).

Slip Roads Diversion Via  - NB traffic – A725 to Bellziehill Interchange and return A725 southbound SB traffic - A725 to Raith Roundabout and return A725 Northbound.

M73 Northbound

Junction 2a Gartcosh – Off-slip Road

Total closure of Off-Slip Road at Junction 2a Gartcosh, overnight, for road surfacing works – 3 August 2017 (8pm to 6am)

M73 Northbound Diversion Via: - M73 Northbound to M73 Junction 3 – M73 Junction 3 Southbound to M73 Junction 2a off-slip road.

M74 Northbound

Junction 4 (Maryville) to Junction 2A (Carmyle)

Total closure of northbound carriageway, overnight, for gantry installation – 4 and 5 August 2017 (8pm to 6am).

M74 NB Diversion Via: M73 Northbound to M8 Link Road westbound to M8 westbound junction 24 Helen St - M8 eastbound to M74 Southbound Link Road

M74 Southbound

Junction 2A Fullarton Road to Junction 4 Maryville

Total closure of main carriageway from Junction 2A to Junction 4 southbound, overnight, for gantry installation – 6 August 2017 (8pm to 6am).

M74 Southbound Diversion Via :- Fullerton Road to A74 London Road – Hamilton Road – A721 Glasgow Road to the M74 southbound on-slip road.


Start date 31 Jul 2017 End date 7 Aug 2017 Projects Mode of transport