Weekly traffic management update - FRC

Principal contract South

Society Road

Site crossing controlled by stop/go boards as required.

Ongoing works to extend footpath to Linn Mill junction, temporary traffic lights in use.

Occasional overhead works, stop / go boards as required.

A904 / B924

Ongoing completion works on A904 / B924 to construct the newly aligned roads and tie-ins.  Two-way traffic on A904 will be maintained at all times until completion.

B800 North of Ferrymuir roundabout

Minor works to complete footpaths, and verges on-going, some Traffic Management still in place till Summer 2017.

Occasional, night-time – Southbound nearside lane closed for footpath repairs / surfacing works

A90 between Scotstoun and Admiralty

40mph speed limit and temporary average speed cameras in operation both directions.  

A90 / M90 (Spur) southbound and northbound between Echline to Dalmeny

Occasional single lane closures to complete construction.

Friday 23 June 2017 to Sunday 25 June 2017, 20:00 hours to 06:00 hours each night – Lanes 2 and 3 southbound and lane 3 northbound closed for gantry paint repairs.

A90 / M90 southbound and northbound between Echline and Scotstoun

Northbound main line traffic on A90/M90 running on new road layout, southbound now running on newly constructed southbound carriageway.

Principal contract North

A90 between Admiralty and Scotstoun

40mph speed limit and temporary average speed cameras in operation both directions.

A90 Northbound and Southbound between Ferrytoll and Admiralty

Ongoing until Summer 2017 major works to construct new A90/M90 route for the Queensferry Crossing. Northbound and southbound carriageways now switched and operating under narrow lanes.

Monday 26 June 2017 – Friday 30 June 2017, off-peak each day – Southbound weaving lane closures for ducting / cabling works.

The following full closures and adjacent carriageway lane closures throughout June and July to complete outstanding works.  

Monday 26 June 2017 to Thursday 29 June 2017, 8pm to 6am each night – Full northbound closure, diversion via Castle Road, Rosyth.

Friday 30 June 2017 to Wednesday 05 July 2017, 8pm to 6am each night – Full northbound closure between Ferrytoll diverge and merge, diversion via slip roads.

Thursday 06 July to Friday 14 July 2017, 8pm to 6am each night – Full southbound closure, diversion either via Castle Road, Rosyth or southbound slip roads depending on works location.

Occasional night lane closures in each direction for works to facilitate traffic management maintenance as required.

Ferrytoll Gyratory

Traffic now switched to new permanent layout of Ferrytoll Gyratory, traffic management still in place whilst works in area continue. 

Ferrytoll Gyratory northbound diverge (off-slip)

Traffic now switched to new northbound public transport link to join Ferrytoll Gyratory.

Ferrytoll Gyratory northbound merge (on-slip) to A90

Traffic now switched away from Castlandhill Road and temporary slip to new northbound merge direct from Ferrytoll Gyratory.  Controlled pedestrian crossing in operation.

Ferrytoll Gyratory southbound merge (on-slip)

Traffic now switched onto new southbound merge.

Footpath between Ferrytoll and Forth Road Bridge on east side of A90 closed to allow construction of new footpath and verges. Diversions in place for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Castlandhill Road

Occasional stop / go boards in operation for delivery of equipment to site.

As and when required – Temporary traffic lights for barrier works

Ferrytoll Road / King Malcolm Drive

Ongoing until mid- 2017 – Junction of King Malcolm Drive, Ferrytoll Road and B981 now operating under permanent traffic lights, traffic management still required at east end with Ferrytoll Gyratory.

B981 Hope Street

Major reconstruction works until mid-2017.

New bus operating area now open.   Access and egress from bus operating area and public car park now controlled by permanent traffic lights with some lane restrictions in place. 

B981 North Queensferry

Temporary Traffic Lights as and when required.

Ongoing – Temporary traffic lights for landscaping / verge works at Ferrytoll Viaduct.

Non FCBC works

City of Edinburgh Council

Burnshot Flyover closed over A90. Ongoing.

SISK Roadbridge - M9 J1a

Various lane closures east and westbound for bridge painting and associated works – Ongoing.

AMEY - A90

Occasional nightly contraflows during June 2017, 8pm to 6am (8am Saturday and Sunday) each night.

Contraflow on Forth Road Bridge for on-going bridge works, southbound traffic required to divert via Ferrytoll off and on slip roads to re-join A90.  

Network Rail

Monday 26 June 2017 until early 2018 – Hope Street, Inverkeithing  closed each night and all day at railway bridge.

Please check websites and other media channels.

Further details will be on the Traffic Scotland website.

Start date 23 Jun 2017 End date 30 Jun 2017 Projects