Advice on car and vehicle sharing

You should only travel in a vehicle with those from your household or extended household.

We recognise that there may be occasions when there is no alternative but to travel with people from outwith your household. This should be limited as much as possible.

On such occasions, you should:

  • keep to small groups of people, up to 6 at any one time
  • keep your distance and take care entering and exiting the vehicle
  • sit as far apart as possible in the vehicle, avoiding face-to-face
  • maintain good ventilation by keeping the car windows open
  • wear a face-covering, unless you are exempt
  • clean your hands before and after your journey
  • if the vehicle is your responsibility, clean the door handles and other areas that people touch
  • if you regularly share transport whether it is a car or minibus or other private vehicle, try and share with the same people each timeĀ 

Note this is relation to private vehicles, for taxis and private hire vehicles please refer to guidance on taxis and private hire vehicles.

If you are travelling in a vehicle as part of your job or business, safe operation of workplaces applies, therefore please refer to your employer. For employers, you may wish to refer to guidance for safer workplaces.

For further information please visit our advice on how to travel safely.