Ferry travel advice in Scotland during COVID-19

Ferry travellers are being encouraged to plan ahead for their journeys to Scotland's islands. Capacity on the ferry network remains limited due to physical distancing measures. Passengers should look to book their tickets ahead of their journey and follow safe travel guidance once on board.

Visit calmac.co.uk and northlinkferries.co.uk for the latest information from your ferry operator. 

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Area Operations Manager at CalMac Ferries, Tommy Gore, says they've been working hard to help ferry passengers enjoy a safe journey. He said: 

"We've got additional signage and measures such as hand sanitiser and additional cleaning regimes on board our vessels and in our ports. It's really good to see most of our passengers wearing face masks.

"Make sure you plan for your journey - many of our routes are now bookings only, so get online and book ahead to make sure you can travel when you want to."

Visit the CalMac website for more advice and to book your travel.

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Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands Paul Wheelhouse visited Ardrossan in July 2020 to see the measures implemented at Calmac and thank ferry teams for their efforts. He said:

“I’d like to thank staff on all of Scotland’s ferry networks for their hard work, and passengers for following the travel guidance, which has allowed us to keep these vital transport links operating throughout the lockdown period.

“I’m pleased to see both CalMac and NorthLink increase their capacity with the move to one metre physical distancing, but it’s important to remember that capacity challenges will remain as a result of these measures that are required to protect public health.

“Passengers can continue help ferry operators by booking ahead and spreading their journeys across the full daily timetable to avoiding peak sailings. As always, there will be busy periods and people may need to be flexible. Please be understanding with ferry staff, who will do their best to help you.

“By following this advice, we can help support our island economies whilst also continuing to protect each other from COVID-19.”