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Accessible transport

This section features information for people with mobility difficulties about road, rail, public transport and other modes of travel.  

Travel around Scotland for people with mobility difficulties

Get information about the transport services provided in Scotland and useful transport links including ferries, airports, community travel and more.
Accessible travel information and useful links

Transport help for older or disabled people

Information on transport help covering buses, trains, cars and taxis, planes, wheelchairs and going to a health appointment.

Read more on website.

Rail accessibility

Transport Scotland is working in partnership with the Department for Transport (DfT) to improve access to Scotland’s rail network for everyone.

Find out about areas including accessible design and the Scottish Rail Accessibility Forum.

Access and the road network 

Transport Scotland is responsible for making Scotland’s trunk road network safer and accessible for all users.  We try to ensure that the design, construction, operation and maintenance of our trunk road infrastructure creates environments which can be used by everyone regardless of age or disability.

Concessionary travel

Information on the National Concessionary Travel Scheme, offering free bus travel throughout Scotland for everyone over age 60 and eligible people with a disability.  To see if you are eligible follow the link below. In addition, your Local Authority may provide travel concessions for eligible people with disabilities, such as free train travel for people with visual impairments. Further information on local concessions will be available from your Local Authority.

Blue Badge Scotland

We're responsible for the legislation which sets out the framework for the scheme and provides support to local authorities to help them deliver the scheme.

Mobility and Access Committee Scotland (MACS)

MACS provides advice on the planning and regulating of transport facilities to ensure that they are accessible for those with a disability.

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