Reporting misuse

The roll-out of smart technology on Scotland’s buses has improved our ability to monitor and manage potential misuse of the Concessionary Travel Scheme.

We have a Counter Fraud Strategy to ensure we have the best practice in place to detect, investigate, deter and prevent any potential fraudulent activity.

The National Concessionary Travel Scheme legislation does not require paper tickets to be issued to cardholders for concession journeys. The issuing of paper tickets to passengers is an operational decision at the discretion of the bus operator.

When a National Entitlement Card is placed on the ticket machine this will automatically record the boarding stage, to receive reimbursement for the journey the driver must accurately record the requested destination stage. Whilst this information forms the record of this journey, all concession claims undergo comprehensive audit compliance and analysis checks before any reimbursement is made.

Concerns of misuse of the Concessionary Travel Schemes should be reported to our

24-hour dedicated Freephone line 0800 328 5690. If you have any other questions about concessionary bus travel, please email us at