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Decarbonising the Scottish transport sector

23 Sep 2021

The study analyses a range of scenarios including differing levels of zero-emission vehicle uptake and changes in travel behaviour to understand the magnitude and range of change required for Scotland to meet its climate change targets.

Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2030 - Delivery Plan 2021/22 - PDF only

23 Sep 2021

This is the framework’s first Delivery Plan 2021-2022, which as a technical document, sets out 60 Deliverables being undertaken by Lead Delivery Partners.

Transport Scotland Research Strategy 2021-24

21 Sep 2021

This document sets out Transport Scotland’s (TS) Research Strategy for the years 2021-2024. In line with other Government departments the strategy is being published to encourage greater transparency around how we commission our research, and to also encourage greater collaboration with external partners involved in the delivery of transport research.

Project newsletter - Summer 2021 - A92/A96 Haudagain Improvement

17 Sep 2021

The sixth newsletter for the A92/A96 Haudagain Improvement project.

Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance - Draft Managers Guide for User Review

15 Sep 2021

Draft update of the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance Manager's Guide for User Review

Low Emission Zone Enforcement Guidance

13 Sep 2021

Guidance for local authorities when purchasing and operating Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera systems for Low Emission Zone (LEZ) enforcement in Scotland.

COVID-19 Transport Trend Data - 30 August - 5 September 2021

10 Sep 2021

Transport Scotland is monitoring transport trends during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Road Safety Strategic Partnership Board - meeting minutes - 28 July 2021

6 Sep 2021

Meeting minutes from the Road Safety Strategic Partnership Board.

COVID-19 Public Attitudes Survey Data: Wave 20

3 Sep 2021

Transport Scotland is monitoring public attitudes to transport and travel during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 19 August 2021

3 Sep 2021

Regular meetings are held with Abellio ScotRail to discuss franchise performance and the minutes of these meetings are published.

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