Scottish Road Works Register (SRWR)

Central tool for Scottish roads authorities and utilities to assist with planning/coordination of road works; source of data for indicators to determine performance of the undertaking of road works; accurate source of information for the public and interested organisations of future, ongoing and past road works.

Vault - Community Apparatus Data Vault System

Supplementary to the SRWR - provision of information to Vault is currently voluntary

Apparatus Maps

Show the existing cables, mains, pipes and sewers both underground and overhead.

Street Works Qualification

The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) requires that there is a qualified operative on site at all times while street works are in progress. The qualifications held must be appropriate for the work being carried out. The act does not require all the relevant qualifications to be held by a single operative - the main requirement is that there is always at least one operative on site whose qualifications match the activities being undertaken.

The act also requires that the site is supervised by a person having a prescribed qualification as a supervisor. The supervisor is not required to be on site at all times.

There are 16 certificates in total. Certificate holders will be issued with a street works card, with the passed certificates on the card.