8 Consultations

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Consultation on the draft second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) for Scotland

20 Jan 2022

The review will inform Scottish Ministers decisions on transport investment in Scotland for the next 20 years (2022-2042)

Consultation on the 20% Reduction in Car Km Route Map

13 Jan 2022

The Scottish Government and COSLA are inviting responses to this consultation by 6 April 2022.

NTS2 Delivery Plan - Impact Assessments Consultation

3 Nov 2021 / Closed

The first annual NTS2 Delivery Plan (2020-22) sets out the Scottish Government's actions to deliver the NTS2's vision and priorities. This consultation is an opportunity for stakeholders to have their say on the impact assessments being carried out for each of these actions.

Workplace Parking Licensing - Consultation on Regulations and Guidance

11 Jun 2021 / Closed

This consultation on Workplace Parking Licensing (WPL) Scheme regulations and guidance gives us an opportunity to seek your opinions on the regulatory framework and supporting guidance which will underpin local authorities’ WPL schemes, should they choose to implement WPL.

Scotland's Low Emission Zones: Consultation on Regulations and Guidance

13 Dec 2019 / Closed

This consultation on Scotland’s Low Emission Zones: Consultation on Regulations and Guidance gives us an opportunity to seek your opinions on issues that underpin the operation and delivery of Low Emission Zones (LEZs), including the substantive issues of emission standards, exemptions and penalty charges.

National Transport Strategy Consultation

31 Jul 2019 / Closed

The consultation is on the new draft National Transport Strategy (NTS) for Scotland, which aims to set out a compelling vision for the future of transport for the next twenty years.

Building Scotland’s Low Emission Zones

6 Sep 2017 / Closed

We have progressively reduced air pollution in Scotland over recent years, but poor air quality remains an issue at a number of hotspots in our towns and cities

National Transport Strategy - Call for evidence

5 Apr 2017 / Closed

A Call for Evidence published by the Research and Evidence Working Group of the National Transport Strategy Review. Its purpose is to gather research evidence on several key topic areas to support the policy making aspects of the review.