7 questions relating to an accident on A76: EIR release

We require information in relation to the following;

  1. Please confirm that the road between Kirkconnel and New Cumnock A76 as shown on the attached map is the responsibility of Transport Scotland.
  2. Please provide copies of all gritting records on the day of the accident and three days prior.
  3. Please provide all weather forecasts provided to the authorities for the day of the accident and three days prior.
  4. Please confirm the priority given to gritting the A76 at the location between Kirkconnel and New Cumnock.
  5. Please confirm the gritting route taken on the day of the accident.
  6. Please provide a copy of the report of the accident to the authority by the police.
  7. Please confirm the response from the authority to the police request for further gritting.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 20 Nov 2019 Subject Mode of transport