A720 Sheriffhall Junction Improvement questions: EIR release

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“1) How much would to be spent on the flyover at the Sheriffhall roundabout? I'd like this information broken down as much as possible.

2) How much was spent on the glossy brochures from transport scotland titled 'A720 Sheriffhall Roundabout Environmental statement December 2019'?

3) What long term environmental impacts do transport scotland anticipate from building a flyover? I'd like all evidence of all assessments.

4) What assessments have Transport Scotland carried out to evaluate how much traffic increase will result as a consequence of building a flyover?

5) What assessments have been carried out to make sure the perceived congestion problem at Sheriffhall aren't simply moved to Straiton Junction and Gogar junction in the west as well as OldCraighall junction in the east?”

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Published Date 27 Jan 2020 Subject Projects Mode of transport