A75 and truck roads accident statistics: EIR release

Information requested

"The following information for the A75 truck road (between Gretna and Stranraer) over the past five years;

  • Traffic levels (vehicles movements per km/mile of road, if possible), with HGV and other road users identified.
  • Details of the yearly road traffic accidents, with the number involving fatal and serious injuries identified.

In addition, would you please provide the same data averaged over the whole of the trunk road network within Scotland?"

On 21 October you further clarified that you "would like to know how busy the A75 road is compared with the rest of the trunk roads in Scotland, and also how many accidents/collisions occur on it compared with the rest of the trunk roads in Scotland. I don't know what format Transport Scotland collects data in, whether as a total for the whole road, or in sections, or per mile or road.

So my request is for:

1. Information on traffic levels and accidents on the A75 in the last 5 years.

2. Information on traffic levels and accidents on the whole trunk road network in Scotland (excluding motorways) in the last 5 years in a form that can be compared with the data for the A75."

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 7 Dec 2021 Subject Mode of transport