A77 Inspection Defect Summary Report: EIR release

On 01.11.17 on the A77, 500yards inside Turnberry I hit a pothole that had previously been filled in. This resulted in a split wheel and bulge in a brand new tyre. Receipts etc have been submitted to transerve who state they inspect the roads every 7 days so we have no claim. After seeking legal advice we were told due to the freedom of information act we are entitled to see the road report, could you possibly supply this for the month leading up to this and the month after as the hole was repaired as soon as we reported this. Photos are available.

It wouldn't normally bother us but this is the 3rd time one of our cars has been down due to the state of the roads.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 30 Jan 2018 Subject Mode of transport