A78 Bridge 1 High Street, Greenock correspondence: EIR release

Information requested:

"documentation and correspondence relating to the following:
(a) the date on which the two outside lanes of highway over the Bridge were closed;
(b) the purpose of the closure of two lanes of the highway over the Bridge."
Further to the clarification dated 15 June, you confirmed that "the period of lane closure is the period of closure which our Client understands to have begun October 2018. The two outside lanes of the highway remain closed currently.

In terms of documentation we would anticipate that correspondence may be between but is by no means limited to correspondence between Transport Scotland, TranServ, the Scottish Ministers, the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Inverclyde Council and independent engineers and contractors. It would include letter and email correspondence and minutes of phone calls. Documentation would include engineers' and other contractors' reports, minutes and briefing papers and any other documentation showing or tending to show the purpose of the closure of the two lanes of highway over the Bridge. Such documentation and correspondence is likely to have been produced prior to and during the period of lane closure.

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Published Date 2 Sep 2020 Mode of transport