A83 road signs between Drishaig and Dunderave: EIR release

I have been advised to ask you guys for information regarding a portion of Road just past the oyster bar heading towards Inveraray on the A83, about 1.5 miles past the Oyster Bar.

You currently have two signs on each side of the road that I have been informed have been there for a good while which are caution slippery surface signs, although one heading in the direction of Inveraray was not there when I slid and crashed.

I would like to know what the purpose of these signs are and for what reason they have they been there for so long, or if there is an issue with the road. I have been informed by a traffic police constable to request this information.

I would also request under the freedom of information act the dates that these signs were put up and/or put up again after falling down.

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Published Date 9 Nov 2017 Subject Mode of transport