A835 Braes junction risk assessment: EIR release

Information requested

1. Please supply the detailed Risk assessment for the Braes junction on A835 Trunk Road. I suggest we utilise the file probably held for the period of 2010 - 2020. Due to assessment by TS on the roads issue in 2000's, Highland Council deemed it inappropriate for Brae's development to be expanded. This was incorporated into the Ullapool Local Plan of 2006.

2. Please supply the detailed Risk assessment for the Braes junction on A835 Trunk Road, changed after recent TS site visit to Braes. This should show the mitigating measures that Transport Scotland experienced, which subsequently caused a risk reduction to the HIGH level, apparently applied previously at the aforesaid junction.

3. Please forward the Transport Scotland letter/email confirmation recently written to Highland Council, which stated that the junction is acceptable from a risk perspective. In addition to this, can you also confirm that the increase in traffic driven by the NC 500 is recognised now as an additional significant risk?

4. Please supply the detailed Risk assessment for the Braes single track lower road, showing the mitigating measures understood using the road & the risk level that is defined. For example, cars/lorries & a bike cannot pass on the Braes Zig Zags. There is no pavement and therefore there are many places where there are NO places to stand, when cars may want to pass, etc. Within this Risk Assessment, if available, can we identify, a) if there is a weight limit on the lower single-track, b) whether there are limits on load lengths through the Zig Zags, and c) Is there a limit on the length of lorry able to turn left at the base of the hill through the junction mentioned above. If there is no risk assessment, can I suggest that TS obtain one.

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Published Date 10 May 2021 Subject Mode of transport