A85 Oban, records of complaints accidents road inspection and maintenance: FOI release

For a period of 24 months prior to 22 August 2018 being:

  1. Records of inspection for Dunollie Road, Oban.
  2. Maintenance Records, including records of independent contractors working in Dunollie Road, Oban.
  3. Statement of your Road Authorities Policy under the Code of Practice for Delivering Best Value in Highway Maintenance 2001 or alternatively records of the minutes of highway authority or local authority meetings where maintenance or repair policy has been discussed or decided.
  4. Records of complaints about the state of Dunollie Road, Oban.
  5. Records of other accidents (vehicular or pedestrian) which have occurred in Dunollie Road, Oban.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 23 Oct 2018 Subject Projects Mode of transport