A90 Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) information: EIR release

Information requested

“I am told that there are 63 outstanding applications to the Lands Tribunal for Scotland in relation to the AWPR which are sisted pending further negotiations.

1a. I am trying to find out what the quantum of the claims in relation to these 63 outstanding applications is.

1b. I am also trying to find out how many of the 63 are linked to the test case won by the SRUC

1c. What is the total quantum of the claims in relation to 1b?


With specific reference to whole Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route and all of the land affected by this whole project.

2a. I wish to know how many of the landowners of all of the land affected by the above project have applied for a Land Tribunal to date?

2b. How many of these cases have been sisted so far?

Further I am seeking:

1. The total number of Compulsory Purchase Order claims made to date.

2. Total estimated budget for the CPOs.

3. Number of CPO claims settled to date (whether fully or partially).

4. Total value of the CPO claims settled to date (fully and partially).

5. Number of properties demolished in the construction of the AWPR.”

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Published Date 10 Nov 2021 Subject Mode of transport