A96 Dualling - Reports, environmental surveys, landowner consultation: EIR release

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The reports associated with the 'detailed appraisal' of the route options which were selected and deselected prior to the October 2018 public exhibition to determine the 'better performing' options.

A record of all environmental surveys undertaken on the ground between the October 2018 and the deselection decisions May 2019 associated with the blue pink and brown route options.

Confirmation of the percentage of landowners along each of the pink and brown route options known and the number of on the ground engagement meetings held with land owners on the brown and the pink route options to understand land severance issue and local environmental effects.

The number, location and types of in the field environmental surveys undertaken on the brown and the pink routes to date and planned prior to selection of the preferred option by end of 2019.

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Published Date 9 Aug 2019 Subject