A96 Fochabers roundabout accident: EIR release

12 questions in relation to an accident on 4 May 2019 at Fochabers Roundabout where it joins the B9041. You clarified by telephone that the location is where the B9104 meets the Fochabers Roundabout.

  1. Did you or any of your employees in an official or unofficial capacity attend the locus in response to a 999 call (or non-emergency call)?
  2. Details of the caller making the call.
  3. The information passed to the Control Room or depot by the caller in the course of the 999 call (or non-emergency call).
  4. How did you become aware of the accident/diesel spillage, if not through the 999 call or (or non-emergency call)?
  5. When you or your employees or staff attended the locus, did you witness any surface contamination on the road?
  6. Did you ascertain the nature of the contamination and identify what it was?
  7. Did you take any action concerning the surface contamination such as sanding it or applying detergent?
  8. Who made you aware of the surface contamination and/or our client's accident?
  9. Did you witness our client or his motorcycle at the locus?
  10. Did you see our client injured there?
  11. Can you confirm that he was removed by ambulance to your knowledge?
  12. Please let us have any documents you hold concerning any reports or reporting or information concerning our client's accident or copies thereof.

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Published Date 14 Feb 2020 Subject Mode of transport